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Accurate information is essential. In the event that you need to make changes to your registration in the future, or transfer it later to someone else, we require you to verify all of the information in your registration record to prove that you own it. We reserve the right to not make changes to your registration or deny a transfer if information provided does not match. Remember that the info for each registration should be that of who's name appears on it, and not necessarily who is paying for it.

Online Registration Form

Badge Type

Adult(18+) Registration

An adult registration is the base registration for all attendees. It grants access to the convention. Some panels will be still require attendees be of a certain age and will be carded.

Adult(18+) Registration, Registration Information

Your full legal first(given) name.
Your full legal last(family) name.


Verify Registration Name

I confirm that my name above is my legal name as it appears on my government issued photo ID. They must match for me to receive my badge. If you do not have a goverment issues photo ID or are a minor, please see our FAQ for more information.
Registration FAQ


Mailing List

May we add you to our mailing list? You will receive information about Anime Detour and or Twin Cities events we sponsor.


Do you want us to contact you about volunteering? Non-staff volunteers can win prizes for volunteering.
Did you know that all staff from our Convention Floor crew, to the Chairman, to the Board are all volunteers? No staff at Anime Detour are paid, they volunteer their time because they love it here. Volunteering your time to help keeps Detour amazing!

Community Fund

Would your donate to our community fund? This is our charity fund to help members of our anime community. Anime Twin Cities Community Fund

Scholarship Fund

Anime Twin Cities is starting a scholarship fund to send a high school student to Japan. Please help us fund our scholarship fund and send someone to Japan for a year.