2019 AMV Winners

April 4th 2019, 00:20 UTC

Best in Show: "Gilded" by SuperEltanin Video: Haikyuu! Audio: "Golden" by Parade of Lights Best Action: "Two Heroes: When Legends Rise" by Maboroshi Studio Video: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Audio: "When Legends Rise" by Godsmack Best Drama: "Happy for You" by Zandersen  Video: V...

NEW for 2019: Crunchyroll Reservations Room

March 25th 2019, 01:35 UTC

The Anime Detour Video Department is proud to announce that we will be taking reservations to show anime when you want to watch it! Just browse series titles at, then come sign up outside of the Executive Boardroom on the 4th floor. Video Staff will be taking reservations Friday 9am-11am, Saturday 9am-11am, and Sunday 9am-11am for t...

Hotel Room Reservation is Open!

October 13th 2018, 17:14 UTC

We have the links for the Hotel! We have the Hyatt and the Hilton Minneapolis, but unfortunately we do not have the Millenium as they had prior engagements. We are working on having additional hotels, and we will have shuttles between all the hotels. Suite: King and Double rooms Link: https://book.passk...

This Saturday: Outpost Anime!

January 25th 2018, 17:41 UTC

This Saturday Anime Twin Cities, the parent organization of Anime Detour, presents its fourth-annual winter community event: Outpost Anime! It's fun, family-friendly, and FREE! That's right, there will be some merchandise and snacks for sale but you can enjoy all of our activities completely free. This event is open to the public, so bring ...

Hats Hats Hats

December 8th 2017, 23:05 UTC

It’s cold outside!  You could use a hat.  Anime Detour has you covered with our stylish Anime Detour branded hats available in black or safety orange, and you don’t have to wait until Anime Detour in April to pick one up!  We’ll be at the Geek Partnership Society’s holiday gift expo on December 9th with a...

Holiday Gift Expo reminder!

December 6th 2017, 20:23 UTC

Did you remember to put Anime Detour on your Christmas list?  December is one of the busiest times for our registration team because an Anime Detour registration makes a perfect gift! Remember, membership rates only stay at 50 dollars until February 1st. Don’t miss out on all the fun!  We’ll be at the Geek Partnership Soci...

Holiday Gift Expo

December 2nd 2017, 19:44 UTC

As some of you may remember our parent organization is Anime Twin Cities. Please join us next week for this upcoming event!   Cosplay and Cocoa Want to tell your list to the elf himself?  Come as you are or put on your finest Cosplay!  We’ll be taking photos with cosplay Saint Nicholas during the Geek Partnership Socie...

Website Level Up!

December 2nd 2017, 15:21 UTC

You may have noticed over the last day here that we have a new website! We hope you like the new look. Keep us in mind over the next few days as more announcements are on the way!

Guess Who's Back

November 25th 2017, 23:41 UTC

Anime Detour is excited to announce two of our returning guests for 2018. Both Kyle Hebert and Kaiji Tang's familiar faces and voices will be seen and heard at Anime Detour this spring! Both actors have extensive anime and video game experience. For those joining us for the first time, we hope you enjoy the chance to learn from these experienced ac...

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23rd 2017, 15:23 UTC

To everyone celebrating today we hope you are having a happy holiday today with your families! Keep an eye on our page throughout the weekend for some upcoming announcements!

Update straight from Chris Ayres!

November 21st 2017, 16:04 UTC

I have been sitting here for a while trying to find some way to put into words what is in my heart. Nothing that I think of can capture how overwhelmed and grateful I am for the love and support everyone has shown me. Not just the donations but the well wishes, prayers, and thoughts have been amazing and have often left me as speechless as I...

Help Christopher Ayres Fight C.O.P.D.!

November 15th 2017, 10:26 UTC Earlier this year actor/director Christopher Ayres was rushed to a Houston hospital with complicated respiratory difficulties. A team of pulmonary doctors diagnosed Chris with 'End Stage C.O.P.D.', an irreversible illness that would require a double lung transplant in order for him to survive. H...

Hotel has Spawned!

October 15th 2017, 11:01 UTC

Afternoon Everyone! Here is what you have been waiting for! Hotels will post to This year things are a little bit different and it will immediately ask you to put down a card reserving the room. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE PLEASE USE A CREDIT CARD. It is common practice for hotels to put a hold on the card at time of bo...

Hotel Open Date News!

September 25th 2017, 13:31 UTC

Hotel reservations for Anime-Detour 2018 will be going live at Noon Central time on October 15th! With our new system you will be able to enter all your info directly into the hotel's database and get your confirmation same day. If you are interested in getting a suite at the Hyatt Regency, we will have a separate link just for those so no mo...

P-P-Parking Update!

September 20th 2017, 14:54 UTC

Parking has been a constant topic of discussion with the new hotel, today we bring you some news! The Loring Ramp is directly next to the Hyatt and the daily rate for attendees has been reduced to $13. We know this will fill and is higher than some may have typically factored into their convention budgets for us. With these concerns in mind we h...