Join Anime Detour Staff

Anime Detour is always looking for passionate people to volunteer their time as staff. Our planning meetings are open to the public and are a great place to started if you're interested.

Open Positions

Charity Auction

Gathers and prepares items for the charity auction. Displays said items and runs the live auction at-con.

Requirements: Dedicated, trustworthy, willing to oversee the display of auction items during the convention. Must be 18+ and able to handle money. Some aesthetic skills a plus for arranging items.


Provides tabletop and video gaming at the convention.


Books Guest of Honor appearances. Arranges travel and lodging for guests, and attends to any needs the guests may have during the convention.

Requirements: Friendly, personable, and responsible. Able to put nervous or stressed people at ease. Not fanboys/fangirls who might overwhelm the guests. Driver's license and vehicle a plus.


Responsible for maintaining the convention website, providing mobile apps, and other online services.

Requirements: Technical skills fitting any open positions, or general web programming experience in PHP.


Arranges and manages the photoshoot areas and staff photographers at the convention.

Requirements: Relevant experience. Portfolio review required.


Manages everything related to room reservations at the convention hotel, including staff, attendee, and guest room reservations.

Requirements:​ ​Able to handle stress and deal with potentially difficult people patiently and professionally.

Convention Floor

Detour’s staff presence out on the convention floor. Responsible for making sure attendees are behaving safely and responsibly, and providing first-line response to any incidents.

Requirements: One year of service on Detour staff, or previous convention security or other security experience. Requires an interview with department head or sub-heads.


Handles anime screenings at the convention. Includes permissions requests, scheduling, and creating descriptions and posters.

Requirements: A flexible, open schedule at-con. Knowledge of current anime and an extensive personal collection are a bonus. Must be overnight flexible.