Anime Detour Announcement

Hotel has Spawned!

October 15th 2017, 11:01 UTC

Afternoon Everyone!

Here is what you have been waiting for! Hotels will post to This year things are a little bit different and it will immediately ask you to put down a card reserving the room. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE PLEASE USE A CREDIT CARD. It is common practice for hotels to put a hold on the card at time of booking and a credit card reads this much differently than a debit card.
After you have entered the information you will receive a confirmation from the hotel of your choice that you have booked your room!

After the room block has filled we will post a notification that we are booked out!

If you happen to miss out on a room we are working on additional locations at a later date.

If you are looking to specifically stay at the Millennium this will be under the same link.

If the nights available are not lining up with what you need, please book a room still and we can edit at a later date once you email us.

If you want to run a room party please wait for tomorrow when we will be opening forms.
If you are a dealer please contact
If you are a group registration (anime club, etc) please contact

So here you go:

Hyatt Regency:

The Hyatt Regency is our new home! At this hotel you will be in convention central and never have to leave the hotel unless you want!


Starting at $119.00 + tax/night for Standard Rooms

Starting at $189.00 + tax/night for Junior Suites

Starting at $350.00 + tax/night for Deluxe Suites


The Millennium is our main overflow hotel this year and is directly across the street! You can either walk across the street or through the skyway as well! Hooray safety from rain when in cosplay!


Starting at $119.00 + tax/night for Standard Rooms