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P-P-Parking Update!

September 20th 2017, 14:54 UTC

Parking has been a constant topic of discussion with the new hotel, today we bring you some news!

The Loring Ramp is directly next to the Hyatt and the daily rate for attendees has been reduced to $13. We know this will fill and is higher than some may have typically factored into their convention budgets for us. With these concerns in mind we have also been in discussions with other nearby ramps. At this time we will also have parking available with the nearby MCTC ramp at a rate of $5, but at the MCTC ramp, if you park your car there on Friday and leave on Sunday your total payment will still be $5!

We will be running shuttles to the MCTC ramp, as well as other to be announced ramps and overflow hotels, all weekend long. We still have more in the works so stay tuned for more announcements!