Anime Detour Announcement

Announcing the Masquerade Winners!

April 8th 2017, 21:48 UTC

We are so proud of all of our enterants this year for the Masquerade! And a big thank you to all of those who watched it! We had many wonderful entries this year, and the work that was put in was phenomenal! Our judges have chosen the winners! Please give a big round of applause for these amazing people!

Judge's Choice Performance:

  • Entry#5 "Link - The Breath of the Wild" by Eleanor Fossen
  • Entry#15 "Rolling Girl" by Hannah Mavritz and Daniel Inzinza
  • Entry#28 "Sewn Chaos Orriana" by Haley Myers

Judge's Choice Workmanship:

  • Entry#34 "2B" by Christy Johnson
  • Entry#25 "Admiral Perry" by Eleanor Burke
  • Entry#49 "Akko from Little Witch Academia" by Ceci Longley

Best Youngfan:

  • Entry#2 "Chibi RWBY" by Kaida Stephan, Troy Stephan, AmandaStephan, Derick Stephan, Kirk DiFrancesco, Eric DiFrancesco, Sofia DiFrancesco, Noel DiFrancesco, Chloe DiFrancesco,and Reese DiFrancesco

Best Novice:

  • Entry#17 "Death Claims Us All" by Ryan Benike

Best Journeyman:

  • Entry#31 "Kanekki Kenn" by Maya Neathery

Best Master:

  • Entry#18 "My Girlfriend is a Cadillac" by Melissa Sowers and Michelle Majzner

Best Performance:

  • Entry#41 "Negasonic" by Madeline Swan

Best Workmanship:

  • Entry#40 "Hanzo" by Erin Moir

Best in Show:

  • Entry#29 "It is Hitsuzen, It is Destiny" by Jessica Lipsius and Janella Reiswig

Thanks again to all who entered and those who came to watch! We are absolutely happy that we had a wonderful turnout! We hope to see you all again next year!