Anime Detour Announcement

Look at this stuff isn't it neat?

April 21st 2016, 20:45 UTC

Hey Everybody! Each year we try and make updates and changes to bring you a better convention. Here are some of our new features this year!


  • Earlier opening time of noon on Friday
  • Twitch gaming streaming in Cabana room 103
  • Pathfinder Society RPG (Sat and Sun, Tabletop Gaming)
  • Officially sanctioned Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon collectible card games (Tabletop Gaming)
  • Crunchyroll streaming in both Tabletop Gaming and Video Gaming
  • Sony representatives in Video Gaming
  • Leap Motion demo in Video Gaming
  • Virtual Worlds (Fri 11 PM - midnight, Plaza 3): This Is Geek hosts a panel of virtual reality and augmented reality demos, including Oculus Rift
  • Anime Fighter Breakfast Battle (Sat 10 AM - noon, Video Gaming) and Bullet Hell Breakfast (Sun 10 AM - noon, Video Gaming): theme events revolving around fighting games with anime-type characters and shoot-‘em-ups, respectively
  • Play Tekken with Nina Williams (Sat 11 AM - noon, Video Gaming): Gaming welcomes Lisle Wilkerson, the voice of Nina Williams in Tekken

Guest Services

New Guests of Honor:

  • Aya ‘Dancing Fighter’
  • Briana ‘Tactical Pinup’ Falb-Joslin
  • Tomoko Taniguchi
  • Lisle Wilkerson
  • Amanda Winn Lee

New Featured Artists:

  • Briana Lawrence and Jessica Walsh
  • Dave Wheeler
  • Adam Whitlatch


  • Gonna be the Twin Tail!! (Sat 12:15 PM) - English dub premiere
  • Black Butler Book of Murder OVA (Sat 2:00 PM) - English dub premiere


  • New ways of notifying Ops about refilling water stations, emptying trash, and/or damage in programming rooms: via texting to number or taking a smartphone pic of QR code, posted on signs that are near water stations


  • Ten tables added to Artists Alley!

We hope you're excited and like your new options!