Anime Detour Announcement

Charity Auction Special Event News!!

April 14th 2016, 11:55 UTC

Anime Detour Charity Auction would like to announce that we will be auctioning 4 meet and greet packages to spend time with three of our Guests of Honor.

The meet and greet packages will be in the silent auction. The auction will be a Friday ONLY auction it will start at noon and end at 8 pm. Starting bid for this event will be $30 dollars. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the American Red Cross. Winners will be notified either by text or phone call. Payment must be made before 12 pm on Saturday in order to participate in the event.

The event will be on Saturday April 23rd from 3 to 5 pm, in an 'undisclosed area' of the hotel. Winners will be notified of the area when payment is made.

What the meet and greet package includes:

Light Dinner – Sandwiches, Chips, Dessert and Beverages

Spending quality time with 3 of Guests of Honor for 2 hours:

Chris Ayres, Tadao Tomomatsu and Tony Oliver

Autographs and Photography will be allowed

As a side note: no bananas or large sippy cups of doom were harmed in the making of this event.