Anime Detour Announcement


November 13th 2015, 20:42 UTC

Hello attendees,

Do you need a hotel room for Anime Detour 2016? Then be ready at noon central time on Saturday November 14 to put in a request for room. Please note that unlike previous years this is not a direct link to the hotel so this is not a confirmation that you have a room. That confirmation will come after we submit the information to the DoubleTree and they process it in their system. The system is setup to shut off after we reach the maximum number of rooms available though so if you enter information into one of the two lists (not including the waiting list) and receive the confirmation from Anime Detour you should receive a room.

There are only so many rooms available so please note the following will apply:

- Only one request per person

-Must have registered for Anime Detour 2016 (will be checked at the end of December and any reservations found without a registration will be contacted and could lose their room)

- Must be at least 18 to put in a reservation request

- A credit card number will need to be provided at a later time to guarantee your reservation. If one is not provided by the date stated in the email confirmation received from the DoubleTree (not the one from Anime Detour) your room reservation will be forfeit and will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Please note that if you fall into any of the following categories there is a different process for you. Please contact the department noted.

If you want to run a room party please contact
If you are a dealer please contact
If you are a group registration (anime club, etc) please contact

When the block opens at noon tomorrow you will be provided a link. Please click on that link and choose whether you would like a room with one king bed or a room with two double beds. When these rooms run out there will be an option to put your name on the waiting list. Do this and as rooms become available we will contact you.

Once the blocks are full we will be sending the information to the hotel. It will take a few days to process and receive your confirmation number from the hotel. Please be patient as they do this step of the process.

If you would like to get a reservation at our overflow hotels we will provide information on these tomorrow as well when the block opens.

If you have any questions please contact us at and we will answer as quick as we can.

Thank you,
Anime Detour Hotel Department