Anime Detour Announcement


March 26th 2015, 13:30 UTC

Good Day,

Please remember as you check into the DoubleTree hotel there will be an authorization hold for possible incidentals/damage on your room. This is Hilton corporate policy and Anime Detour has no control over this policy.

This will NOT be charged to your card upon check out unless you use incidentals (room services, etc) or cause damage to your room/items in the room (towels). This is a hold they place on your account at check in (like when paying at the gas station they authorize a $1 but if will change when the payment is processed).

If you are paying cash this authorization is $50 / night stay
If you are using a card this authorization is $30 / night stay

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause but it has been in place since this hotel became a Hilton.

Please also note that the DoubleTree hotel has requested that you do not use their towels as makeup removers. This results in damaged towels that they are unable to clean and could result in you being charged for the damages.

Thank you,
AD Hotel Department