Anime Detour Announcement

Fliers on the First Floor

March 26th 2015, 04:30 UTC

Attention: We have just been informed by the hotel that fliers will not be allowed on the first floor of the hotel except in designated areas. Fliers posts on the second floor and in those designated first floor areas will need to use 3M Safe-Release Painter’s Tape, product #2080. For information on the allowed areas please see our staff desk which will be in the lobby under the escalator. Our staff is still working on the exact location of the designated areas and they will have the most current information for you to use.

Edit Thurs 1:15pm: Fliers on the first floor are allowed on the corkboards setup for us to use, you may also place them on room party doors, panel room doors, fences around the pool/garden court and on the way around the elevator in the short tower. You MUST you the tape specified above.