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Hotel Announcement - Clarification of On Street Parking

March 25th 2015, 14:49 UTC

Hello All,

Here is some clarification regarding the on street parking.

Reminder of On Street Parking Hours:

Friday March, 27 8am-4pm

Saturday March 28, 6am-8pm

Sunday March 29, 6am-8pm

Anyone parking outside of the times that the parking has been allocated for the street will be towed at owner’s expense. Also if anyone is parking on the curve farther back from this sign they will also be towed at owner’s expense, no matter the time of day.

Where to begin parking?
If you are traveling west on 78th street just as you start to go around the curve (at that point you will be between both hotels) there is a no parking sign the city requires that we park in front of that No Parking sign going toward Bush Lake Road.

Below is the No Parking sign you want to park in. It is the second no parking sign from the curve in the road. It is right outside the south entrance leading to the crossing to the Sheraton. We ask that you please do not block off the walkway going to the Sheraton though.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
AD Hotel Department