Anime Detour Announcement

Parking Information

March 22nd 2015, 19:23 UTC

Good Day All,

This year we have arranged overflow parking for Anime Detour. 

Reminder: DO NOT park in the parking lots of surrounding businesses. The businesses have the right to tow your vehicle and they have been known to do so.

Street Parking: Please park on the North Side of 78th street and north of the No Parking Sign.
Friday March, 27 8am-4pm
Saturday March 28, 6am-8pm
Sunday March 29, 6am-8pm

Overflow Parking Lots:

LifeTouch (7800 Picture Dr, west of the Sheraton)
Saturday: 6am-Sunday 8pm
NOTE: Do not park in the spots marked reserved!

International Dairy Queen Corp (7505 Metro Boulevard, north of the DoubleTree)

Parking Image

Regarding shuttles - More information to be posted soon. 

Regarding DoubleTree waiting list - If you are on the DoubleTree waiting list please watch your emails. We are sending out emails to the top people on the list as rooms become available. You only have a 24 hour window to respond before we move onto the next person.

If you have any questions please contact the AD Hotel team at

Thank you,
Anime Detour Hotel Department