Anime Detour Announcement

Pre-convention Transfer/Roll-over Deadlines

February 25th 2015, 13:15 UTC

Are you registered, but still not sure if you will be able to make it to the convention? There is still time to roll over your registration to the next convention cycle! Just send an email with your full name, birth date, and address (for verification) and the intent to roll over your registration to next year. The last day to roll over your registration is Saturday, March 7th.

Also note, the deadline for pre-convention transfers has passed! (Feb. 24th). However, the deadline for online transfers has been extended to this Saturday, Feb. 28th. If you need/want to transfer your badge to someone before the convention, please send the completed transfer form to before this Saturday. Any transfer requests after that will need to be processed at the convention for a $5 fee.

If you have any questions regarding our transfer or roll over policies, please feel free to ask the Registration department via the email above.