Anime Detour Announcement

Room Parties submission form NOW OPEN!

November 3rd 2014, 17:48 UTC

Hey all! We are please to announce the Room Parties submission form is officially live and taking your submissions! We would also like to announce some changes to the Anime Detour Room Parties policies that you should be aware of if you’re interested in hosting a room party at Anime Detour 2015.

General changes:

● All room party hosts and their volunteers must be registered for the convention. No exceptions.

Changes to party hour requirements:

● Parties must be open a minimum 4 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Saturday.

● Parties cannot open before 3pm on Friday as the convention has not yet started.

● Barring emergencies, parties must be open for all of their stated hours. If there is an emergency and the party needs to open late or close early, the party hosts should contact the Room Parties team via Operations.

For parties that wish to serve alcohol:

● Parties may only serve alcohol during their stated open hours.

â—‹ AD will badge alcohol-serving parties at the door. If there is no badger, the party cannot be open.

● Parties must still card for government-issued ID before serving alcohol to anyone.

Click here to go to the Room Parties Program page and submit your party idea. We hope to hear from you soon!