Anime Detour Announcement

Photoshoots at Anime Detour

February 3rd 2014, 18:12 UTC

As many may have noticed the date for opening the photoshoot submission form has been pushed back a couple of times.  This is due to working to realocate some space and how it will be used this year.  We are opening the form till this weekend for people to submit photoshoots.  Please bear in mind though that this year we have limited space and time slots to host group photoshoots in so not all submitted might make the schedule. I will try and be fair when picking what ones do go on the schedule and what might not.  There will be a large backdrop in the garden court for scheduled group photoshoots to use but the space is around 20' x 20'.  People are more than welcome to host other photoshoots than what is on the schedule but will be responsible for finding a location to host it in. 


Again I apologize for the lateness in this but as we are always trying new things at Anime Detour we sometimes live and learn.