Anime Detour Announcement

More rooms still available at the DoubleTree

April 17th 2013, 11:53 UTC

Its inevitable that every year we have a sizeable number of room cancellations just before the convention. Which is good luck for any of you who are still looking for a room to stay in.

So to that end we've just finished speaking to the DoubleTree and they have asked for us to have anyone interested in a reservation please call the front desk to set that up at this time. If, when you call, you are told that reservations need to go through Anime Detour, please ask them to check with Stephanie Bennett (head of room revenue at the DoubleTree Bloomington) as she and Anime Detour have authorized for reservations to be made at the front desk for available rooms. If you are still unable to make a reservation please email us and we will work to resolve the issue. You can also attempt to call again at a later time, as sometimes the front desk will ring over to the national reservations network and they are not always as up to date as the front desk staff are.
You can make a reservation by calling: 1-952-835-7800
If it rings more than three times and than appears to pause and start ringing again it is likely going to the national desk. We recommend that you hang-up and call back in 5-10 minutes to try again.
We know for a fact that at the time of this post there will be 6 kings, 3 suites ($374/night), and one cabana ($139/night) room being made available shortly (after 1pm CST). Please note that the cabana room will be near all of the parties and will not have any noise restrictions.