Anime Detour Announcement

Hotel Reservations for 2013 for the DoubleTree are open

February 15th 2013, 11:58 UTC

The Anime Detour 2013 Reservations page is now open. If you have any trouble with the page first try a different browser before contacting us. If you have any issues you can email You can only book rooms between Thursday and Sunday, minimum of two nights required. If you wish to extend your stay through Monday or start earlier on Wednesday you can do so after you have made your reservation by either calling the hotel or emailing with your full name and confirmation number. Your confirmation number will be emailed to you by the reservation system and be presented to you after you have completed the booking process. You Must have a confirmation number otherwise we will not be able to assist you.

The Link: Anime Detour 2013 Hotel Room Reservation Page