Anime Detour Announcement

Your Patience is Appreciated

January 3rd 2013, 22:28 UTC

As we get closer to the convention a question we are getting daily is, "When are we going to open up the hotel for reservations?" Currently we are working with the hotel to get our reservation system in place. As soon as it is ready we can start taking reservations. Please have patience with us as we work to resolve this issue. I promise as soon as we are ready to start taking reservations a link will be posted on our front page. Also, please remember that by reserving a room this does not mean you have registered for Anime Detour 2013: A Decade of Construction. So if you haven't yet registered, I highly recomend you do. It easy! Just look to your left and click on the Register link under the Main Menu bar. You'll be glad you did.


Stephen Gifford, Jr.

Chairman of Anime Detour