Anime Detour Announcement

Membership Transfers: What You Need to Know

March 24th 2012, 23:09 UTC

We are anticipating a large number of transfers at the convention this year. If you are planning on transferring a membership at any point during the convention, this information is important for you to read.

There is a $5 fee for ALL transfers. We accept cash only, exact change for transfers. No checks or credit cards.

Every transfer must use the completed and signed membership transfer form. We will not accept letters, images on phones/computers, or transfers over the phone. NO exceptions will be made to this.

ALL information on the transfer form MUST match what we have on file for the original registrant or we will DENY the transfer request. This means the full name (first, middle, last), full address (street, city, state, ZIP code), phone number, email address, badge name, and birth date. Again, NO exceptions.

We track how often a membership is transferred. We reserve the right to not process multiple transfers for the same membership.

We will not re-make the transferred badge with your own badge name. You must use the badge with the name that is on it. The only time we will re-make the badge is if there is an age difference (ex. Adult badge -> Minor badge or Minor badge -> Adult badge). Again, the badge name cannot be changed.

We will not process transfers outside of normal registration hours. Do not come to us on Thursday or outside of our normal operating hours, as we will tell you NO.

In general, we reserve the right to not process transfers for any reason. The decisions made by the registration heads are final.

This will be the final year that we will accept transfers at the con. Starting in 2013, there will be NO at-con transfers. Furthermore, our transfer policies will be changing for 2013.

Thanks for reading,

Scott S. (aka rincosplayer)
Anime Detour Co-Head of Registration