Anime Detour Announcement

Bring your DS for Pokemon events all weekend.

February 16th 2012, 10:38 UTC

We have two Pokemon events for Anime Detour 2012:

First is the Pokemon DS League Challenge

The Pokemon DS League Challenge is a weekend long event. Please try to attend the panel on Friday at 3:30pm to register and to get the full rules for participation.

You have three days to eight collect badges, and then challenge the Elite Four. Beware! The elites are titans this year! On Sunday, there are two tournaments to enter as a part of this event: If you beat the Elite Four, you will be entered into the Titan Cup Challenge to determine the Titan League Champion. If you are unable to beat the elite four, don’t fret! You can still enter the Titan League Conference.

Second is Team Rocket's Pallet Town Brawl Tournament

This event is unaffiliated with the Pokemon DS league; participation in one is not required for the other, but you can certainly do both if you're really dedicated. Don't have time for a weekend long event? This stand-alone tournament will get your fix. Rules: Pokemon Little Cup. For full rules, see Team Rocket of North America on Facebook. Time: Friday 9pm. Location: Atrium 4. Prizes sponsored by Eagle Anime.

Also, preview the Full Gaming Schedule in the forums gaming section.

- Jeff
Head of Gaming