Anime Detour Announcement

An Important Message from the Registration Department

February 14th 2012, 19:03 UTC

As many of you are aware, Anime Detour 2012 is sold out. With that, a lot of people are looking for anyone that do not need their memberships for transfer. If you are paying someone for their membership they don't need, ask for proof that they are registered to avoid being scammed. Anime Detour is not responsible for the outcome of any outside transaction that takes place.

Also, for this year, we have changed the deadline for mail-in transfers. The deadline all mail-in transfers must be post-marked by is Friday, February 24th. Anything postmarked after that date will not be processed, and must be done at the con. Reminder, there is a $5 fee for ALL transfers done at the con.

Remember that we will not process any transfer that does not use the specific membership transfer form. We do NOT accept transfers over the phone.

Click here to download the transfer form

Mail your completed membership transfer forms, no later than February 24th to:

Anime Twin Cities
P.O. Box 48309
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Anime Detour Co-Head of Registration