Anime Detour Announcement

Hotel Status Update

January 5th 2012, 17:49 UTC

Currently the main hotel for Anime Detour, the DoubleTree is booked solid for all available rooms. We do have a small set of rooms that are held aside for Guests, Dealers (who are entered much closer to the convention), and Float. If there are any rooms left from this block of held rooms they will likely be released near the end of Feburary, so if you are looking for a room or know someone who is, make sure to keep an eye on the main Anime Detour page or the Facebook page for updates. Cancellations will also open up rooms and these too will be announced.

The Sofitel room block is also filled, but we have the option to expand and we are in the process of doing so. We hope to have the additional rooms available early next week(the Week of Monday, Jan 9th). If you would like to stay at the Sofitel (Just across the street from the DoubleTree) please follow the instructions below:

Please call the Sofitel’s direct phone number of 952-835-1900 (Mon-Fri, 7:30am-6:00pm) and ask for Reservations. Each individual must ask for group reservations and identify themselves as members of the Anime Detour.