Anime Detour Announcement

Hotel Update 2

January 21st 2011, 11:38 UTC

To our members: The Sheraton is currently full, please do not try to contact them requesting a room. We have started sending over the first batches of room requests to the Sheraton to be turned into full reservations. If you made a hotel room request last year and your request confirmation number is under 5000 you can expect to start hearing from the Sheraton within the coming weeks. The next batch is being prepared and will be sent over within a week or so. This will be another 100 to 150 reservations. After that we will be filling any remaining space and than moving on to filling the Sofitel. If you do not make it into the Sheraton and you are next in order received you will be offered space at the Sofitel. Request confirmation numbers around 5400 will likely be receiving placement in the Sofitel. Once the Sofitel is filled all remaining requests will be notified via email and offered alternative overflow hotels nearby.