Anime Detour Announcement

Minneapolis / St. Paul Asian Film Festival

October 23rd 2010, 16:13 UTC

We are pleased to let everyone know about the Minneapolis / St. Paul Asian Film Festival This event shows the popularity of foreign film in the Twin Cities area and we would like your help supporting such a wonderful event.
Two of the films being shown will be anime movies which have not yet been released in the Twin Cities area. This is your chance to see some fantastic Anime movies before others can. Tickets are only $10 at the St. Anthony Main Theater.

Directed by: Takeshi Koike
Showtime: Sat, November 6th - 9:30
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Known for frequent spectacular crashes and retro fashion sense, futuristic racer JP qualifies for a special race called Redline. When the government of Roboworld threatens any participant with death, JP feels a responsibility to his fans, and participates despite the danger. Called "somthing very special, very different, and insanely exhilarating" by Anime News Network.

Summer Wars
Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
Showtime: Sat, November 13th - 4:30
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In this brilliantly inventive Japanese Anime, eleventh-grade math genius Kenji takes a summer job to impress his girlfriend, Natsuke, a position which leads him to the countryside to elaborate the 90th birthday of a spunky matriarch who herself belongs to an ancient clan. Half his job is to dance with Natsuke, the other to solve a mysterious equation that will end most of the world's social and business hijacking. Direction Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is seem as inheriting the mantle of famed Hayao Miyazaki with this dazzling film.