Lost & Found Form

Lost an item during the convention? Please follow these tips!

  1. Check with hotel front desk. Some items may have been brought there first or hotel staff may have picked it up. This is especially true if the item was left in a hotel room, Navigators, public bathrooms, or any area that is not specifically con space. For these type of cases above, please check with the Hotel first.
  2. Please, include details in the email so we can try our best to locate your item... Include location where it may have been lost, a detailed description, and your own contact information.
  3. Not everyone in our department knows every show, game, or character, so please detail the description with color, size, and any other distinctive features.
  4. We keep the items until the end of the next convention (1 year), so we may still have it next year. After the conclusion, if we still have an item from the previous year, we donate it, so the item goes to a good cause.
  5. Sadly, we cannot guarantee reunions with your lost items. We try our best but still rely mostly on the kind hearts of fellow attendees to bring us lost objects. A majority of them do get turned in, so don't lose hope or give up!