Dealers Form

Thank you for your interest in Anime Detour Dealer's Room. The purpose of this form is to collect updated contact information & space requests for the new convention cycle. We are expecting several thousand attendees with growth expected. Our attendees are very interested in Japanese merchandise (Anime, Manga, snacks, accessories, etc), t-shirts, accessories, props, etc...

Dealers Room Information:

Badges: Each booth comes with 2 badges. Extra badges will be available this year for a price of $50.00 each. If you need extra badges, please write how many extra you will need for your booth in the "Comment Area" below.
Booth Limit: There is a limit of 3 booths
Electricity and internet: Rates are currently being discussed with the hotel and will be posted when the information becomes available
Additional information shall be provided by the Dealers Room coordinator in response to this form.


  1. Fill out the request form completely
  2. Proof read your request
  3. Submit the dealers form
  4. Dealers Room coordinator confirms a request & replies with further information
  5. Dealer makes necessary arrangements & submits payment

Physical Mailing Address

Anime Twin Cities, Inc.
P.O. Box 48309
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

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Dealers Form Status: Closed

Sorry, the Dealers Form is currently closed.
Please see the Status page for when this form may open again.