Artist Alley Form

The Artist Alley is an opportunity for part-time artists to market their skills and art to our attendees. Our policies and rates reflect this style and are fairly relaxed. Please understand that this event is very, very, popular and space is limited. Please respect our coordinators and follow their instructions as they have to follow certain restrictions set by the convention.

Table Request Instructions:

  1. Please make sure you first read the Artist Alley Policies
  2. You get -ONE- free Badge with your table.
  3. Each additional person must also Pre-register for the convention
  4. Individual Registrations are non-refundable, even in the event you are not approved for a table! If you aren't approved for a table and do not wish to attend, you may transfer your membership to another person or roll it over to the next convention year Reg-FAQ. No Refunds, No Exceptions!
  5. Fill out the Artist Alley form below and double check your information
  6. Submit the form (You will see a confirmation e-mail shortly after completing the form.)
  7. Keep a print out for your own records
  8. The Art Department will contact you by email about whether to make payment or on the waiting list.

Artist Alley Request Form

Form Status: Closed

Sorry, the Artist Alley Request form is currently closed.
Please see the Status page for when this form may open again.