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Our checkout system checks credit card billing addresses. Entering incorrect billing information will Our checkout system checks credit card billing addresses. Entering incorrect billing information will cause your transaction to be denied. Any errors encountered during checkout may result in additional "pending" charges on your account. These will be reversed automatically within a few business days. If they do not, you may contact the department. Otherwise, we will redirect you back to this page.

A lot of people have experienced this and we receive a lot of emails about this happening. You will only be charged once for your purchase. Please email us ONLY if the charges do not get reversed after a few business days. Anime Twin Cities, Inc. is not responsible for non-sufficient funds charges.

Accurate information is essential. In the event that you need to make changes to your registration in the future, or transfer it later to someone else, we require you to verify all of the information in your registration record to prove that you own it. We reserve the right to not make changes to your registration or deny a transfer if information provided does not match. Remember that the info for each registration should be that of who's name appears on it, and not necessarily who is paying for it.

  • Please be sure to read our Registration FAQ and Policies before registering.
  • You may add as many registrations to your cart as you need. A separate registration is required for each person attending.
  • First name and Last name MUST be real names. Do NOT put nicknames or otherwise fictitious names (such as "Friend of so and so") for registrations as the person's name appearing in "First Name" and "Last Name" becomes the owner of the registration, and must appear on the ID of the person picking up the badge for it; NOT the person paying for it. Anime Detour staff reserves the right to not issue badges to people who can't prove their identity. We check this name at badge pickup against your ID. We reserve the right to not issue a badge to you if the names don't match.
  • All fields with a * are required (except for T-shirt and size, unless you are purchasing one)
  • Anime Detour staff reserves the right to not process incomplete registrations
  • The information such as address, phone number, email address, etc. MUST be that of the person that is listed for the registration.





In the past the Sponsor breakfast was included in the price of sponsorship. However it was noticed that with the rising number of sponsors, many sponsors did not get the desired experience at the breakfast. We are now limiting this breakfast to a total of 100 sponsors, with no limit on the number of sponsor badges.

Would your donate to our community fund? This is our charity fund to help members of our anime community. Anime Twin Cities Community Fund
Anime Twin Cities is starting a scholarship fund to send a high school student to Japan. Please help us fund our scholarship fund and send someone to Japan for a year.