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Anime Detour 2015 Hotel Update

October 23rd 2014, 11:55 CDT

Hello Everyone,

Today I am bringing you all the news about our upcoming hotel reservation opening. On November 15th, 2014 at 12 noon we will be opening up the hotels for reservations. We will have people on hand to answer questions via Email as well as social media. I know many of you are as excited about this as I am.

Here are some important pieces of information about this:

The Hotel room rate is on a flex scale.

We will be validating hotel reservations against registration. Please make sure that one of the names on the room has an active registration. If there are no names on the room that match an active registration, the room will be cancelled.

Due to the high demand we have for rooms for our convention, we are limiting rooms to 1 per person. However if you are a member of a group with a group registration, you should Contact the hotel team directly and we will be taking care of your reservations manually. We can be reached as per usual at:

If we run out of space in the DoubleTree, do not Fear! We will be having two over flow hotels that will be opening up for registration. And just like last year, we will be providing shuttle service to assist with people staying in overflow locations.

Our Over flow hotels are the following:

Crowne Plaza, with a rate of 109.00 per night
Sheraton Bloomington (Formerly Sofitel) is also on a flex scale.

I hope this answers all your questions, and we are looking forward to seeing you all at Detour 2015: There is no Cure!