NO Registrations Available!

March 23rd 2011, 21:03 CDT

This is a reminder that there are NO registrations available for walk-up at the con this year. We have SOLD OUT and reached capacity. Please do not email us asking for exceptions to be made. Everyone has had plenty of time to register.

How to Donate to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund

March 16th 2011, 13:58 CDT

Donating is one of the easiest things you can do right now to help people in Japan, and every dollar will help. To Donate click on the link below.

You can also donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross, Unicef, or Save The Children as the URL


March 15th 2011, 23:23 CDT

I'm sure you've all heard the terrible news coming out of Japan.

It is, of course, a crisis we have been following with heavy hearts here at Anime Detour, and all of our heartfelt good wishes and prayers go out to the Japanese people in their time of need.

Of course, we aren't stopping there.

Thanks to the good and timely work of our own Jayson Stob, the proceeds of our charity auction will go to help the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan, and will hopefully be able to help many people in need over there right now.  What's more, we will have several donation buckets placed strategically around the convention so that even if you aren't the sort of person who bids at the charity auction, you can, if you so desire, toss in a few dollars to help Japan in their time of need.

Japan is the birthplace of our shared obsession, and it is fair to say that we owe Japan and her peoples a debt we cannot repay for the community they have help us to form.  It is our hope that we can give back in this time when Japan needs that help the most.  So many of the Good Things in 'All Good Things!' have come from there - it's time to show them that the good people of Anime Detour remember and value them as well.

So please, even if you can only spare five dollars, do so.  And if you can't, persuade someone who can.  Right now Japan is hurting, and though we may not be able to fix all of the problems they are facing, we can ease them as best we can.

Thanks everyone,

Kale Ganann


Anime Detour 2007-2011

Hotel - New waiting list

March 4th 2011, 11:58 CST

We are beginning to see a few cancellations in both the Sheraton and the Sofitel and we still have a good number of rooms available in the Sofitel at the convention rate.  If you would like to be considered for one of these rooms please emailAD Hotel Email the hotel dept as soon as possible.  Please include Full name, email address, and phone number.  You will recieve a call from the hotel you are assigned a room in to confirm your reservation.  If you do not confirm your reservation within a few days of being contacted your room will be given away to the next person on the list.

This is your last chance to get a room at or across the street from the Convention.  If you are assigned a room in the Sofitel it is because there are no rooms in the Sheraton.  The Sofitel is a great hotel, and literally a short walk across the street from the Sheraton.

2011 Programming Schedule

March 3rd 2011, 18:38 CST

Ready to plan your weekend a month in advance? The Programming schedule is now available online at! Be sure to check the site periodically for updates between now and the convention, including the addition of events from other departments.

Hotel Update 4

March 2nd 2011, 16:52 CST

If you believe that you have a room reservation and have not heard from the Sheraton or the Sofitel or contacted them with your Credit Card information to guarantee your reservation, please email the hotel dept by March 9th (see contact page) with your name, phone number, primary email address, and Anime Detour Hotel request number (number between 4000 and 6000).  We have a number of rooms that have not confirmed their reservations and will shortly be losing their reservations if the rooms are not confirmed.

Membership Transfers - Giving/Selling Your Badge to Someone Else

February 27th 2011, 01:40 CST

So are you planning on selling your badge or giving it to someone else? Getting a badge from someone who doesn't need theirs anymore? The link below contains required reading to increase the chances of your transfer getting approved.

We are anticipating a large number of transfers this year and we are going to be very strict on rules and procedures. Any transfer that doesn't follow the rules will be denied.

Please direct all questions to the registration department.

Anime Detour Co-Head of Registration

Hotel Update 3 - Room Reservations

February 25th 2011, 15:52 CST

If you have received a room reservation email or phone call from either the Sofitel or the Sheraton please contact them with your payment information to guarantee your room.  If you do not do this by March 9th we will start giving un-guaranteed rooms away to individuals on our waiting lists.  If you have not received an email please check your spam filter to make sure it was not marked as Spam or contact the hotel dept email address and we can check if you have a room assignment.

Anime Detour Pre-Registration CLOSED

February 23rd 2011, 17:55 CST

Since we have reached our capacity of 4,500 attendees, registration is now closed. Also, since we have reached our cap, there will be NO walk-up registrations available at the convention. If you were considering registering and attending, we will miss you and hope to see you in 2012!

Cosplay Contest Signup Open

February 11th 2011, 23:27 CST

Thinking of entering the cosplay contest this year? Head on over to the cosplay contest signup form and sign up yourself or your group. Note that each person listed on this form must be pre-registered for the convention before submitting the form.

Be sure to check out the cosplay information page for more information regarding rules, costumes, and more.

Online Registration Announcement!

February 9th 2011, 15:16 CST

For those of you that still have not registered for Anime Detour, we now accept American Express as payment for online registration.  Thank you for your time.

Writing Contest Deadline

February 1st 2011, 20:44 CST

Hey everyone, don't forget about the two fabulous writing contests available at Anime Detour every year. As a reminder, the deadline for this year's Fan Fiction Contest is about a month away. Please remember to submit your entry for the contest soon.  Also, don't forget the "Iron Pen" Drabble Contest during the convention. Each year we have many creative entries, so please be sure to take part! See our forum comment posting for additional information. 

Programming Submission Deadline is Today!

January 31st 2011, 13:53 CST

If you're thinking of running a panel or event at this year's convention, want to join a panel, or just want to make a change to the panel you suggested, now is the time to submit your request to the Programming department!

You can find information on panels already submitted and the form to submit new panel ideas on our Programming Page.

Current Registration Status

January 29th 2011, 18:52 CST

This is a friendly reminder that there is only 30 days left to register for Anime Detour 2011. We are currently at approximately 3550 registrations, and are filling up fast! Our cap this year is 4500.

Anime Detour Art Submissions

January 24th 2011, 17:18 CST

Anime Detour is seeking your artwork! If you want to see your artwork used by Anime Detour please send us your artwork to the following address:

art submission email address

Be sure to include something along the lines of "Anime Detour Art Submission" in the subject line.

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