Pre-Registration for Anime Detour 2012 OPEN

June 26th 2011, 19:15 CDT

This is to announce that we are now taking pre-registrations (online and mail-in) for Anime Detour 2012! There are some things that are new and/or updated this year, so please be sure to read everything on the page, including the section entitled "Updates for 2012" on the general registration page [Pre-register].

Please report any and all issues to the registration department so we can get them corrected ASAP.

Official Anime Detour Registration Facebook Page

June 22nd 2011, 18:15 CDT

Do you use Facebook? In addition to the Anime Detour site, you can also get straight-from-the-official-source news regarding registration information for your favorite anime convention at our offical Facebook page.

Head on over and "Like" the official page today! You will get important notifications right to your Facebook news feed for important registration events, such as opening of registration, deadline reminders, and more.

Keep in mind that we do not answer questions in any of the Facebook fan groups. So if you have questions, head on over to the official page.

TRIGUN: Badlands Rumble

June 16th 2011, 17:28 CDT

Hey All! The St. Anthony Main theatre is going to be showing the Trigun film starting July 8th, if you want to see the new Trigun movie on the big screen, this is your chance. The information is below.

St. Anthony Main Theatre 

Opening on July 8th for weekly run [Info]

As you may know, TRIGUN is a popular sci-fi action anime series.
- About TRIGUN film-
  The setting takes place in a remote planet of the near future. It portrays the life of a wanted man, Vash,
  an extreme pacifist by nature bizarrely nicknamed as the “human typhoon”.
  Production was done by Madhouse, which also worked on NARUTO animated films, DEATH NOTE TV series.
- About TRIGUN original comic-
  Published from 1995 to 2007 in Japan. The manga has been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and a lot more
  English translated version distributed in 2003 was sold out immediately,
  and in 2004 it achieved the position as the #1 best seller graphic novel in US.
- About TRIGUN TV Series-
   Animated by Madhouse, the 26 episode series was broadcast on Cartoon Network in 2003.
   Now available on DVD by FUNimation, the complete series box set has a high rating of 4.5 (out of 5) in 

A Message from our Friends at Sogen Con

June 15th 2011, 15:40 CDT

A Message from our Friends at Sogen Con: Sogen Con

Please check out their Kickstart [Fundraiser]!

We're not dead yet!
Time to put out the S.O.S. Save Our Sogen!
As many of you know, Sogen Con is put on by the non-profit group, Otaku Incorporated. This group provides the leadership and handles the arrangements, including the budgeting that, along with your registrations, make Sogen Con possible.
What you may not know is that last year, Otaku Incorporated made an attempt to branch out and hold a second event, the Minneapolis Anime Convention, or M.A.C! for short. While M.A.C! was enjoyed by many attendees, it was not a financial success. As a result, the funds which would usually be held in reserve for future events where depleted and there was a shortfall in covering the expenses of Sogen Con. 
This is where you, the fans of Sogen Con and the convention community come in. We need your help to generate the funds needed to cover the remaining costs of Sogen Con 2010, and the up front costs of Sogen Con 2011.
Utilizing a service called kickstarter, we will be accepting donations in any of several dollar amounts from today until June 30th.
Kickstarter is a free service and 100% of the money you pledge will go to supporting Sogen Con. Here is how it works, first, click the link [here] and choose the level you wish to give. Kickstarter will place a hold on your card for the amount you have chosen to pledge. No money will be taken at this time. When the time remaining to pledge has ended, if and only if the total amount is raised will your cards be charged. 
Pledge levels start at $10 and range up to as high as you would like to give – details and perks available at the link!
Kickstarter is an all or nothing service, if the goal is not met by the deadline listed, then the hold will be released and you will not be charged a single penny. If the goal is reached then your card will be charged at the end of the pledge period.
It is our hope that with your support and the support of the fan community, we can raise the $15,000 necessary to hold Sogen Con 2011. Don't think of this as just a method of registration, but a way to show your support of Sogen Con and anime conventions in general. So pledge today, spread the word and tell your friends, we're

Summer Picnic Fundraiser hosted by Anime Fusion

June 12th 2011, 09:28 CDT

Please support Anime fandom in the Twin Cities area and check out what a fellow convention Anime Fusion is planning: 

Get Ready! ... Anime Fusion, a future convention, is planning a summer picnic fundraiser on Saturday, June 25th from 4PM - 9PM and everyone is invited! The event admissions will be $10 per person. Admissions price will include pizza, games and entertainment including a cosplay competition, and the ability to win prizes.
Come help support a new convention in the making!
We'll be located at:
North Mississippi Park - Unit A
5132 Mississippi Ct
Minneapolis, MN

Find out more details here...

Geek Prom 2011 - Geek Partnership Society

May 23rd 2011, 11:56 CDT

Anime Detour partner and fellow geeky organization is holding their Annual Geek Prom June 4th and all are invited!

Geek Prom 2011 is coming up fast!

Steampunk/Retro SciFi Prom. Bring your silver jumpsuits! Bring your goggles and top hats! Invite your best Space Girl or Alien Boy and we'll party like it's...uhm...1899! Or maybe 1999! Or 3099!

...has sombody checked the date when we are getting those flying cars? No? Ok! We'll just party like it is the future!

$10 - at the door
$8 - at the door with food donation

June 4th, 2011: 7:00pm, Waterbury Building, Room 135

Location: Waterbury Building, 1121 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, Room 135 [MAP]

Writing Contest Results

April 20th 2011, 20:33 CDT

The pdf files for the Fanfic and IronPen writing contests are now available.  Check out the writers and the results on the convention [history] page!

To all who attended Anime Detour

April 12th 2011, 13:57 CDT

To all who attended Anime Detour,

With this years Detour at a close, I am left with a sense of wonderment.  All of us were apart of something special this year.   Every year we come to this convention to celebrate and revel in our shared obsession. But this year has left me without words to describe what happened at con.  Luckily my staff have put into words what I have felt.

Jayson Stobb is a division head and he has done me the honor of allowing me to post his letter.  Thank you Jayson.   

"This weekend has showed me a lot of things. I have seen greed and selfishness everywhere. I have seen others use people to their own gain. I have seen others hurt another because they find it amusing. These things make me loose faith and hope at times, but I will never again forget that there are hearts in the world that give hope to those in need. They have given me the courage to stand and fight. They have show that not everyone is in it for themselves.
At Anime Detour 2011 I watched as a community of 4,500 plus rally together in support, of not only Japan, but in for each other. I wont mention names because I feel I don't have the right to. Each scenario I am about to mention involves a selfless act that deserves credit and gratitude.
Simple things can add up. The charity auction donation boxes overflowed multiple of times through out the convention. I wish I could have been there, at each box, as someone donated to tell them thank you but I was only able to say it to the few I had been able to meet. If you donated over the weekend, and I didn't see you. Thank you, you have shown the world how much we care. Not only did the donations add up, but so did the emotion.
By Sunday, I was a little overwhelmed. I had a sixteen year old walk up with her sister and give me a hundred dollars. I was still able to keep my composure as I thanked her greatly but than her little sister did the same. “This is my allowance from the past year, please help those in Japan.” She looked up at me, pure in her actions, I was almost in tears. I thanked her while smiling but I had to walk away to regain my composure. As I rounded the corner I saw another girl in a Negima cosplay, she handed me her staff she put in a lot of hours and hard work on, it looked amazing and I wish I had such talent. It was signed by the voice actor of the character. “I would like to have this auctioned off,” she said. By this time I was crying. I thanked her and quickly ran to operations. I took a detour into the bathroom to regain my poker face before meeting with the vise Chairman. As I walked into ops, he showed me a bleach weapon singed by the DJ's, along with our guest guest of honor DJ we have every year. Another donation, an item that someone put hard work into, something that you can tell had had their heart put into it. I don't remember if I was able to find the words to thank him. At that point I lost all words and my mind had been overwhelmed with the events that came to pass.
All over the convention people where doing everything possible to gain support. The Dealers department had sent in a request if any other the dealers would like to donate items. In all honesty we thought we weren’t going to have many items this year, but we where wrong. The dealers had given us up to 50 plus items, overwhelming us with their generosity. We didn't have the time to auction all the items so we went off an idea we hadn't put into pace until now. We thought of doing a raffle but hadn't had the items to do so in the past, so on the fly we assembled the idea from scratch and earned $1,800 from the raffle alone. Dealers also made their own donation bucket because the one we had given them always full. They walled around urging people to donate and we wouldn't have done such an amazing event with out them.
I had over heard rumors of room parties selling paper cranes and others setting up donation buckets to contribute to the donation. To all the room parties that contributed, thank you, I wish I could have told you in person.
The guests of honor also have their place among those I have a profound respect and admiration for. Not only had they donated rare items they acquired over the past year, but they also put money into the donation boxes, showing everyone that this community stands together.
We had a new guest of honor this year, he was more than a guest, he can be called a friend. This person walked into operations, security, and other departments, and began to work. Up until this moment I hadn't figured out why a guest of honor would want to work at a convention when he is supposed to be a guest, but I now know, its the same reason why I do it, the people. He helped out in many ways, and a simple thank you is impossible to cover the gratitude I have. I know the people you helped feel the same way.
I saw departments banding together, helping each other, and communicating. I saw guests of honor standing side by side with the attendees and staff to make it a glorious event. I saw a community band together to contribute over $36,00 to help Japan. Everyone has said thank you to my staff and I, but I would like to say a few words. “We are not the ones who donated $36,000. We are a small part of the contribution. The guests need to be thanked for all the items they bring for people to bid on, and everyone who attended Anime Detour needs to be thanked. Nothing could have been achieved with out them.
To all 4,580 attendees and the staff of Anime Detour 2011, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You showed the world that a community such as ours, can stand together, stronger than any other. I am proud to say I am apart of this community and will fight to help any one of you. You have shown the world how big our hearts are and that there are people out there that will reach out in a selfless act to help those in need.”
To anyone who reads this, spread the word. Share the story. Let people know that you can make a difference. These words ring true and quoted from our chairman of Anime Detour 2011, Grab hold of one one other and “Go out and change the world.” You have it in you, open up and show it. Again, thank you, for more than you realize."
You were all apart of that.  Your donations, time, and love culminated into a convention I shall never forget.  Everyone, Thank you.
Stephen Gifford, Jr.  
Chairman Of Anime Detour 


Anime Detour 2011: In Closing

April 9th 2011, 00:53 CDT

Thank you to all the volunteers and staffers who worked enthusiastically to make this an amazing convention.  We also wish to thank all the attendees who donated to the Red Cross: Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami relief fund. The total donation for charity is $36,243.84, additional details are available on the forum [posting]

Alas our chairman, Kale is stepping down after five years of developing Anime Detour into what we are today, a family. At closing ceremonies Kale transferred the duties to Gifford, but not before much joy and sadness was shared with our Guests of Honor and attendees. Gifford gave Kale the last red t-shirt from year one.  Soon, the new chairman proclaimed the theme for Anime Detour 2012: It came from Japan! *Godzilla Roars* 

The [Feedback] and [Lost & Found] forms are now available for use. Thank you again for such a fun and amazing convention.  ~TJ

AMV Contest Winners and Participants

April 4th 2011, 18:30 CDT

The list of AMV Contest entries and winners is now available! Check it out in our Forums.

AMV Contest Finalists and Winners: [Forum:6261]

AMV Contest Showcase Participants: [Forum:6262]

Badge pickup procedures and info posted

March 30th 2011, 01:21 CDT

Our badge pickup procedures for 2011 have been posted. They are located here:

We highly recommend everyone that is attending to read through the entire page as a lot of questions that people have been asking have been answered there.

IF you have read through it and still did not get your question answered, send an email to

If you are unsure of something, we encourage you to ask a qualified member of registration staff (ie. emailing the department, or PMing one of the department heads on the forums). Relying on non-staff hear-say is a bad idea as things change from year to year and what was true last year may not be true this year.

March 29th 2011, 22:49 CDT

In order to provide easy access to various schedule and listings for Anime Detour 2011, please see the following [Listings] page for pre-planning your convention activities. The Programming [Schedule] can be found here. Also, when you get hungry there is also this  [Food Map].

What to know for Registration!

March 28th 2011, 15:34 CDT

Andy, One of our registration heads, has written up a brilliant guide on what to do, what not to do, and what to have ready and with you for getting your badge Friday morning. Everyone should read his post and every reply he has written in that forum post. If you manage to read all the information in that forum post and you still have questions feel free to reply and ask.

Friday morning will be extremely busy for Regisration and if everyone reads his information registration will go faster for everyone. Don't be the person holding up the line because you didn't take 5 minutes to read the information.

Anime Detour Android App!

March 30th 2011, 09:13 CDT

If you have an android enabled smart phone, you can download a fan made Anime Detour App from the Android Marketplace.  Use the QR Code below to link directly to the app:

QR Code

Hotel Rooms Open Due to Cancellations

March 25th 2011, 13:54 CDT

We've had a number of cancellations at the Sheraton in the last week or so and so we have rooms available in the Sheraton at the convention rate.  If you would like to be considered for one of these rooms please emailAD Hotel Email the hotel dept by Thursday, March 31st.  Please include Full name, email address, and phone number.  You will recieve a call from the hotel you are assigned a room in to confirm your reservation.  If we don't fill these rooms we will likely then have a few hotel rooms available at Convention Rate, though we cannot guarantee that.

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