Programming FAQ

Does Anime Detour have a Dance?

Come share in the joy of our groove thing at the Anime Detour Dance! We have not one, but two dances for your enjoyment. Both nights will be an eclectic grouping of J-Pop, K-Pop, Anime Music/Soundtracks, DDR, Techno, Industrial, Trance, Gothic, Rave, R&B, 80's Hits, Metal, and anything else the DJ thinks might be of enjoyment. Friday and Saturday evening in Main Programming.

Does Anime Detour bring in Bands, JPOP Bands, etc?

Honestly, due to staff time commitments, equipment, and costs associated with 3rd parties: Anime Detour does not bring in bands. AD department heads with a vested interest have researched and discussed this matter quite thoroughly. Currently they are not interested in heading in that direction at this time. The DJ dances on Friday and Saturday nights provide a wider selection of dancing music anyways. ;)

What is there to do at Anime Detour?

Anime Detour features a wide variety of events. Panels, a dealer's room, game rooms, AMV and cosplay contests, and more. Check out the [Programming] page for more information.

What guests will be at Anime Detour?

Please see our [Guests] page for information on the guests who will be attending Anime Detour.

Is there an AMV contest and can I submit an entry?

Yes, there will be a contest for Anime Music Videos (AMVs). For more information, please see the AMV page.

What about cosplay?

Read the cosplay section of the website or the cosplay FAQ if it is available.

Will there be DDR?

Probably. Please see the Gaming section on the [Programming] page for more information.