Hotel FAQ

Does moving to a downtown hotel increase the risk of Godzilla attack?

Thorough research has left us confident that there is no significant risk of the hotel being smashed by any giant monsters. It's too cold for them here, and most of them are allergic to lutefisk anyway.

Why don't you move to one hotel big enough for everyone going to AnimeDetour?

Because the nearest one is in Chicago.

I want to host a party

Fantastic! We have new a special program set up to support room parties; check out this page for all the details. Click here to go to the room parties page!

Use a Credit Card

When reserving a hotel room make sure to use a credit card. Do NOT use a Debit Card, the hotel will put a hold on money in your account. Credit cards allow you to delay actual payment to the next billing period. Debit cards do not as the bill will become due when checking out of the hotel.

My room is reserved with someone else's name because their credit card was used.
Please don't cancel me!

The hotel is for AD members only, so make sure you register, and put your name on the reservation. If you like, you can put a second name on; contact the hotel to do so. Questions? Email us below.

I heard a rumor about the hotel; is it true?


Is there a quiet floor?

Unfortunately, no. If you want quiet, you can try to contact other hotels in the area. Note that rooms on the second and third floors will be noisier than most.

I called the hotel and the room block was full. What now?

Contact other hotels in the area to see who else has room. We'll be posting a list Real Soon Now. If you are planning to host a room party, go ahead and send your ideas to us; we can still fit you in.

I want to work on the Hotel Team since they claim to be so much fun.

...But I've never done it before. Can I please?
Drop us a line and we'll talk about it! We're always looking for interested people.

Is there a person who can help me out?

Yes, our very own Anime Detour Reservations Department.