Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Information

Other Questions

General Information

What is Anime Detour?

Anime Detour is a convention run by fans for fans of Japanese animation, manga (Comic), videogames and culture. See the programming page for descriptions of our events.

Where is Anime Detour?

Please see our hotel page.

When is Anime Detour?

Anime Detour begins Friday April 6th, 2018 around 11:30 AM and wraps up Sunday April 8th, 2018 around 6:00 PM

How much does Anime Detour cost?

Please see the registration page for information on costs.

Why does Anime Detour have a registration cap?

One of Anime Detour's founding principles is to put on a well run convention in the Midwest SciFi/Anime model. We are well aware of the the explosive growth of many Anime conventions. However, we have choosen to grow and train additional staff over time to keep people safe. Respectfully, we have chosen to do this so Anime Detour may last for many years to come.

Other Questions

What about the Art Show/Auction/Artists Alley?

See the Artist Information page for more information.

I have a cool idea for a panel, who do I talk to?

See the programming page for suggestion submission forms.

I wanna help out!

Good for you! You can find information on volunteering on the volunteer page. We appreciate all the help we can get!