Whiskey Tentacle Foxtrot Contest

Whiskey Tentacle Foxtrot Contest:

It's back, Anime Detour's AMV contest dedicated to the worst, silliest, and most memorably-irritating AMVs in existence! Could your sense of humor be described using the words "quirky, sick, or wrong?" Got a comedy idea that feels like it just wouldn't fit in the primary AMV contest? Do you have an undeniable urge to use Linkin Park in a Dragon Ball Z AMV? Consider putting those talents to good use by entering the Anime Detour WTF Contest! Here are a few things to remember while hand-crafting your entry:

  1. The due date for WTF Contest entries is the same as that for the regular AMV Contest - March 15, 2013. Please use the AMV Contest digital entry form to submit your entries.
  2. If fewer than 40-45 minutes worth of entries are received by the cut-off date, the contest will be cancelled. Entrants may submit multiple entries, but some may be cut due to time constraints.
  3. Anyone may enter the contest, but prizes will only be awarded to those who are present at the contest itself - no exceptions. The grand prize will be decided by audience applause.
  4. The content rules still apply - No detailed nudity or hentai will be allowed, nor any audio which could be considered overly-offensive. This will not be an 18+ event. Consult with the AMV Contest Coordinator beforehand to discuss specific cases.
  5. Videos with live-action elements, hand-made animation, or any other sort of creative mash-up are allowed and encouraged, but the primary subject matter must be anime-related.
  6. Be creative, and have fun!

Submitting Your Entry

You may now submit your entry by either postal mail or digital download!

To enter via postal mail, use the form below and mail your entry to the address provided.

To submit your entry digitally, send a link to the download of your entry along with a copy of the completed entry form below to the AMV Coordinator.

Digitally submitted entries must be received by 11:59pm CST on the date of the contest deadline.

Please note that Anime Detour cannot provide webspace for you to upload your entry. If you do not have webspace of your own to utilize, we can accept links from free services such as Sendspace or Mediafire.

WTF Submission Instructions

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