Contests at Anime Detour

AMV Contest

Enter your AMVs into Anime Detour's AMV contest!

Cosplay Contest

Join our Cosplay Masquerade and compete with your best cosplay!

Fan Fiction Contest

The contest will be judged prior to the convention by a pre-selected panel. A first, second, and third place overall winner will be chosen. Additional Judge's Choice awards may be given to entries that individual judges particularly liked, but did not win a primary award.

Iron Pen Contest

Iron Pen is a fanfiction contest that takes place entirely at the convention. During the scheduled hour, contestants write a 100-word "drabble" based on a surprise prompt item. The entries are judged during the convention, and the winner is announced at Closing Ceremonies. If you don't have time to prepare a full-length story for the main fanfiction contest, Iron Pen is the contest for you!