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P-P-Parking Update!

September 20th 2017
Parking has been a constant topic of discussion with the new hotel, today we bring you some news! The Loring Ramp is directly next to the Hyatt and the daily rate for attendees has been reduced to $13. We know this will fill and is higher than some may have typically factored into their convention budgets for us. With these concerns in mind we have also been in discussions with other...
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Hotel News!

August 28th 2017
Attention fans of Anime Detour! Hotel rooms will be going live soon and we know you all have been very curious about how to get a room for our beautiful new hotel. We have an adopted a system known as Passkey which will make reserving rooms easier than before, it will let you input all your info directly into the Hyatt's database including your credit card info so that you should get a confirmation...
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Registration Ready to Go for Anime Detour 2018: New Game +!

June 30th 2017
Registration for Anime Detour 2018: New Game + is now officially open!! Our Rates for 2018, as previously mentioned, have changed a little bit. We are returning to tiered pricing. From now until February 1st, standard memberships will be at $50 each. The cost will then increase to $60 until pre-registration closes on March 3rd.  Some small changes have been made to both...
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April 13th 2017
Thank you all once again for being a part of a wonderful convention year. This year we raised over $26,000 for the American Red Cross, saved lives with a fully booked blood drive, had a live concert for the first time in years, and had our highest attendance yet. When writing these posts we have a tendency to say this couldn't happen without you. This often sounds a little hokey but it is the...
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Announcing the Masquerade Winners!

April 8th 2017
We are so proud of all of our enterants this year for the Masquerade! And a big thank you to all of those who watched it! We had many wonderful entries this year, and the work that was put in was phenomenal! Our judges have chosen the winners! Please give a big round of applause for these amazing people! Judge's Choice Performance: Entry#5 "Link - The Breath of the Wild" by Eleanor...
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